About Us

Who we are?

OGIS Corp is a corporation founded in 2006 in Houston Texas, USA. OGIS Corp provides international procurement services, state of the art technology, environmental products and services, and training to cater to the needs of the Energy Industry worldwide.

Our Vision

To be a leading and reliable provider of procurement and environmental services for the global development of oil and gas assets, and general industries alike.

Our Mission

To create sustainable value for our customers by safely delivering exceptional products, services and solutions to meet their operational and economic objectives.

Our Clients

OGIS Corp’s clients include major international Oil and Gas Companies around the world. Our regular clients include drilling, production companies, refineries, petrochemical plants, pipeline projects, suppliers and EPC contractors.

With dedication to the oil & gas and general industry, OGIS Corp is providing the best type of supply and expertise to its clients. We have maintained long term association with our clients due to our quality customer service.

Our People

Our team works with the clients on their specific project requirements and equipment specifications. We have extensive experience and professional expertise to handle and execute all aspects of oilfield supplies. Our experience guarantees the customer with high quality, cost effective, prompt and professional supplies and services.

Major oilfield companies and their projects always demand proven quality of equipments at competitive prices, which OGIS Corp complies with its quality, technology, and value. With its experienced personnel, OGIS Corp has the expertise to supply materials at the optimum price, specification and delivery for important project requirements worldwide.